How to create/update a shipping location database?

Learn how you can create or update a shipping location on your database, by following these simple steps:

Go to the left menu and click on Reports, then go to the shipping locations sub menu. You’ll find a list of all your current locations, so you can choose the location you want to update, or you can also type the name of a specific location in the filter box to update it.

shippin loc

Or you can also create a new shipping location by cliking on the "Add" button and filling out the form.


Remember to save your changes or the new shipping location by clicking the “save” button.

You can also create new locations while you are booking a shipment. If you want to save your shipper’s or your consignee’s location, you just need to type all the information for the location you want to save.

Please keep in mind that some fields are required in order to complete the process, so make sure to fill out at least the information related to name, city and zip code. After you’re done, just click on “save as new” and you are good to go.