How to book a shipment through our TMS?

You can book a shipment from an existing quote or from scratch. we are going to show you how to do it in both cases:

If you want to book a shipment from an existing quote:

Go to DatabaseQuotesfilter by your quote number, then click on the actions button at the right side and click on book a shipment.

quotes 1

You will see two columns, one for the shipper and other for the consignee information. In both cases, start by typing the name of the location, or use the magnifying glass to search for your saved locations, and just by doing so, the rest of the information related to your saved locations will be automatically displayed on the remaining fields. If needed, type the pick up or delivery reference (the former for the shipper and the latter for the consignee).

shipper consigne

If you haven’t saved a location, just fill out the information from scratch: Type the name and then move onto the next section and enter the zip code, phone number, mail, contact name and again, phone number. If you want to keep it for your database, click on “save as new” button.

After you’re done with the first part, check your freight information, type the commodity and remember to add the UN number for hazardous materials. Afterwards, look through the accessorials and insurance boxes and make sure to check the options you need.

new booking

On the bottom section, choose the pickup date and hours, and write down any Special Instructions if needed. Once you’re done, just select the “save shipment” option and you’re good to go! The system will provide a BOL# and then you can dispatch the shipment by clicking on “dispatch”. A pop-up window will appear displaying the preview version so you can double check before submitting the request. Once you’re ready, click on dispatch again and you are set.

pickup time.

Remember that you can also upload documents in our system (such us IMO or MSDS documents for hazardous shipments, or paperwork needed at pickup or delivery)