How to get a Partial Truckload quote in the US?

Learn step by step how to get partial truckload rates through our TMS.

Go to the left menu on your dashboard and click on the Quotes option, then select “North America.” A drop-down list will appear showing different options: LTL, Small Package, Drayage, FTL, or Batch Quotes. Here you must select the FTL option.

quotes ltl na

Fill out the information required on the top section. Start by choosing both origin and destination countries and then provide both zip codes. By clicking on the drop-down list on the right, you’ll be able to select different cities. If you already have a shipping locations list on your database, click on the magnifying glass to look for your shipping locations on both origin and destination.

FTL Quotes Origins and Destinations-1

Once you’re done providing this information, move on to the section below and fill out the freight information. Select US if your cargo details are in lbs and inches, or Metric if they are in Kg and cm. 


Origin Destination FTL Parciales


At this point, please keep in mind that you will need to enter both weight and dimensions for your partial truckload requirements. 




Select the truck type you need. You can choose from Dry Van, Flatbed, Reefer, or all of the aforementioned. 

Get Rates Parciales FTL

Click on get rates. You will receive two rate options: One for Partial and another for Full Truckload.


Partial Rates


And that's it! It's really fast and easy. But don't take our word for it. Try it yourself!