How to track my shipments through the TMS?

Our TMS will grant you immediate access to the latest, most updated information on all your shipments.

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Whenever you'd like to follow up on the latest status of all your shipments, go to the left menu and select the track option.



You can sort your shipments by any of the variables located in the first row, such us: BOL number, shipper, consignee and tracking number. You can also filter by date and current status and keep in mind that you can choose the date range on the upper right corner.

track 1


If you want to look into a specific status, let's say, just shipments that are delayed, then select the corresponding option on the status drop-down list.

Status Drop-down list-2

Please keep in mind that each shipment has a set of actions which you can use to view documents, edit a shipment (only if it hasn’t been dispatched yet) and see all the tracking information on the blue i.

Actions Button

Finally, don't forget that you can export information by selecting the excel button on the upper right section. You can decide how to export your report, whether you'd like to apply filters to be more specific or instead, get a full report with all your shipments information.