How to get LTL and Small package rates in North America?

Learn step by step how to quote LTL and small package in the USA, Mexico and Canada with our TMS.

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Go to the left menu on your dashboard and click on the Quotes option, then select North America. A drop-down list will appear showing different options: LTL, Small Package, Drayage, FTL or Batch Quotes.

Please note that you can quote LTL and small package following the same steps. Select the LTL or small package option.



Fill out the information required on the top section, start by choosing both origin and destination countries, and then provide both zip codes. By clicking on the drop-down list on the right, you’ll be able to select different cities. If you already have a shipping locations list in your database, just click on the magnifying glass to look for your shipping locations on both origin and destination.


Origins and Destinations LTL Quote


Once you’re done providing this information, move on to the section below. Select US if your cargo details are in lbs and inches, or Metric if they are in Kg and cm. Then enter the number of pieces, and keep in mind that you can enter up to 10 lines total. Then select the type of packaging and enter the weight per piece. You see the letters “ea” that are placed beside the weight field? It means that the weight you enter in that field will correspond to a single piece. Finally, enter the dimensions and remember to check the Haz box in case your shipment is hazardous material.


Freight Info LTL Quote North America


On the section below, you’ll be able to add accesorials or insurance to your quote if you would like to.

To quote your insurance, you should type your cargo value and choose the coverage you would like to add, whether it is the freight cost, or and additional 10%, or both.

Accesorials Insurance


Once you are done, click on get rates and the system will display all the options available.

For each carrier rate, you will be able to see a set of actions located on the right side:

Actions quote


  • On info, you will see the breakdown charges related to that specific rate.
  • The book option will allow you to book your shipment directly through the system.
  • And by clicking on the floppy disk, you can save the quote and send it to your email.

If you want to re-run a quote or if you want to look for your saved quotes, just go to the right menu, select the Reports option and then click on the Quotes sub menu.

Menu reports

Finally, remember that it’s really important to save your quote because only saved quotes will be valid for a month.